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Rathbone Greenbank fund range

An authentic approach to sustainable investment

For investors who don’t want to compromise between their values and their financial objectives, Rathbones' range of sustainable funds presents an ideal opportunity.

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A genuine sustainable offering

In an investment world awash with green veneer, Rathbones stands apart. Sustainability isn’t a recent consideration for us or a response to a regulatory requirement. Our heritage goes far deeper.

Through our Rathbone Greenbank Investments business we’ve been at the forefront of delivering sustainable solutions while creating long-term value for over 20 years.

Characterised by an authentic and consistent approach, Rathbones offers sustainable funds across the risk spectrum, empowering clients to invest as a force for good without foregoing financial disciplines.

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The pillars of our portfolio range

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A clearly defined sustainability policy

  • Consistent criteria applied across all asset classes ensures clarity and reassurance

  • Our funds invest in companies delivering benefits for people and the planet

  • We exclude entities or governments whose activities or behaviours hinder sustainable development

  • The managers are committed to providing full transparency, regularly publishing their entire portfolios in the public domain.

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A dual focus on sustainability and returns

  • Allows investors to use their money as a force for good

  • Without foregoing financial disciplines or compromising performance

  • Important to offer all investors the opportunity to align their values and investment goals.

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Combining expert fund management and sustainability analysis

  • A genuinely active proposition both in terms of financial and sustainable considerations

  • Fund managers have a long-term demonstrable track record of achieving their return targets

  • Rathbone Greenbank have been pioneers in the development of sustainable investing since 1997

  • A proprietary database of company and issuer profiles maintained - vital given the lack of effective industry standards

  • Not a box-ticking approach – real engagement leading to real action.

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A suite of funds across the risk spectrum

  • Clear and easily understood return targets

  • Catering for time horizons from 3 years and more

  • Mapped to industry recognised risk rating agencies

  • Enabling you to insource an investment proposition that has relevance to the market, your business model and your individual client needs.

The funds in summary

The range includes four risk-rated, outcome targeted sustainable investment funds. They invest directly worldwide, using a combination of government bonds,  corporate bonds, listed company shares commodities and structured products.  These four funds are complemented by Rathbone Greenbank Global Sustainability Fund, which offers a higher-risk solution, targeting capital growth invested 100% in equities and benchmarked against the FTSE World Index.

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Long-term return objective
Dynamic Planner Risk Rating
Risk Target
Recommended minimum investment period
Fact  sheet
Key  investor information
Cash (Bank of England Base Rate) +2%
One-third of the volatility of the FTSE Developed Index
3 years
Inflation (UK CPI) +2%
Half of the volatility of the FTSE Developed Index
5 years
Inflation (UK CPI) + 3%
Two-thirds of the volatility of the FTSE Developed Index
5 years
Inflation (UKCPI) + 4%
Five-sixths of the volatility of the FTSE Developed Index
5 years
FTSE World Index
No volatility constraint
5 years

Return target
Risk constraint
Minimum recommended investment period
Investor risk level
Investor expectation
Rathbones Greenbank Total Return Portfolio
Bank of England Base rate +2%
One third of equity market volatility
3 years
You do not want to take too much risk but are looking for a higher return than you would receive in a bank account.
Rathbones Greenbank Total Return Portfolio
CPI inflation +2%
Half of equity market volatility
5 years
Lower to medium
You are seeking to protect your money from inflation without taking too much risk.
Rathbones Greenbank Total Return Portfolio
CPI inflation +2%
Two-thirds of equity market
5 years
You are seeking to protect your investment from inflation and are to prepared to take some risk for an increased return your investment.
Rathbones Greenbank Total Return Portfolio
CPI inflation +2%
Five-sixths of equity market
5 years
Medium to higher
You are seeking to protect your investment from inflation and are to prepared to take a higher risk for a higher return on your investment.
Rathbones Greenbank Total Return Portfolio
FTSE World Index
No risk constraints
5 years
High risk
You prepared to take a high level of risk to achieve an above market return on your investment.

Inflation is measured as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the UK’s Office for National Statistics. We aim to limit the amount of volatility risk our fund can take because we want our investors to understand the risk they are taking in terms of the global stock market.

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A story of strong performance

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Rathbone Greenbank Multi-Asset Portfolios - Annual review 2022

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Where we invest – case studies

View a selection of case studies of the companies in which the Rathbone Greenbank Strategic Growth portfolio invests*, discovering how they meet our sustainability criteria and which Greenbank sustainable category they align to.

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